Countdown to Boston

Monday, April 6, 2009

2 weeks to go!

I can't believe it is almost here!! My training which commenced when I was around 34 weeks pregnant with long runs on the treadmill with bathroom breaks very often and an obsession with GU gels. This obsession quickly went away when I wasn't pregnant anymore - very weird! I've done lots of treadmill runs, some stroller runs and some solo runs, all in preparation for the big day on April 20th, which is going to be 10 weeks and 3 days after Nick was born.

Yesterday I did my last real "long" run of 12 miles, with 8 slated for Easter weekend. I ran the hills of my parents' neighborhood to get ready for the hills of Boston - yikes!

My 20 miler last week gave me alot of confidence and I am really excited to reach the finish line!

I am still raising money for cancer research and you can find the link on the sidebar.

Thank you for your ongoing support and love!



  1. gosh its coming up so fast!!! i'm excited for you!